Monday, November 7, 2011

A visit to Pike's Place, lunch at Paseo, dessert at Trophy's Cupcakes, Seattle

Public Market, Seattle

When I think of Seattle's Public Market a few thoughts come to mind - the original Starbucks, the fishing-throwing market, and the famous Pike Place clam chowder. I did all of the above in the first hours I was in Seattle. Hungry from the short 2 hour plane ride, especially when one is excited the hungry pangs build up quickly.

Pike's Place, Seattle
Masculine triumph! The famous fish throwing at Pike Place, Seattle
Masculine Triumph! A Great Catch.

Segueing with pangs, a while back Kevin Pang, one of my favorite food writers tweeted his love for Chicken Valley Farm in Pike Place. He tweeted somewhere along the lines that it was the only fried chicken he would wait in line for. With that, the chicken place was our first stop, buying a sampler of fried chicken organs - heart, gizzard, and liver, oh, we also got a few fried chicken drumsticks. The chicken was fried in the style of Asian deli markets, in a rice flour mixture, very crispy and seasoned well. Amazingly, even though the chicken organs were fried they were still tender and juicy. And liver is usually horrible when overdone. I went back for another plate of organs later in the afternoon.

Chicken Valley Farm, Seattle
Ahi Tuna Poke at Pike's Place, Seattle
Very fresh Ahi Tuna Poke from a stand

I always wanted to witness the fish-throwing fish market because one of the most beloved Hong Kong personality Lydia Shum aka Fei Fei visited the market on her show and gleefully participated in throwing the fish. When I say she is beloved I am not kidding because her sunshine personality made everything fun times 100.

Pike Place Chowder, Seattle
Crab Sandwich, Pike Place Chowder, Seattle
Pike Place Chowder Sampler and Crab Sandwich

Big vibrant fresh cut flowers, enormous seafood of every varieties, local produces, and snacks dominated the market. A very energetic bustling market.
Pike Place Chowder on Urbanspoon

The next day for lunch we drove to the original Paseo location at 11 am. I hear the lines can be long, we arrived with a slight line and promptly ordered the famous pulled pork sandwich, chicken and a scallop plate. We squished into one of the three tables in the shack and our food was served in red floral Asian style plastic dishes. The red floral dishes were used in almost all the Chinatown restaurants when I was a kid. I got a little nostalgic.

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Paseo, Seattle
Pulled Pork Sandwich at Paseo, Seattle
Pulled Pork Sandwich

Paseo lives up to all the praise with moist and full fledged flavors from the many spices in the marinade. I can see why the lines are always long throughout the day. I was partial to the scallop dish since the pieces were large, juicy and sweet served with rice.
Paseo (Fremont) on Urbanspoon

Chicken at Paseo, Seattle
Scallops at Paseo, Seattle

What's lunch without dessert, just a little something sweet for a pick-me-up. I had Trophy's cupcakes on my list for years since she was featured on Martha Stewart's show. We went to the location where it use to be a elementary school. I thought the cupcake shop was very fitting in an elementary school because there were many kids eating cupcakes with frosting all over their face. We ordered and sat in a old school desk and unwrapped our goodies.

The cupcakes were very sweet so one per person was enough sugar for the day.

Trophy's Cupcakes, Seattle
Trophy's Cupcakes, Seattle
Blueberry Cupcake at Trophy's, Seattle
Coconut and Blueberry Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes and Party on Urbanspoon


Lolia S said...

Makes me miss Seattle. I still need to go to Paseo.


Chic & Gorgeous Treats said...

Bonnie dear! Wow.. I want all of the above. Is that a bad thing? I had such a blast with you and thanks for entertaining my yabber mouth, since I just kept on talking and talking. Wish we had more time to shop and eat too. I really would love to come back and visit you and the girls. You have a fab weekend ahead!! Hugggss, Jo

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