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Aberdeen Centre and Park Place Mall Eats, Richmond, BC

Dim Sum at Fisherman's Terrance, Richmond, BC

A few years ago when my aunt moved to Richmond. She told us Richmond is the place for Asian food. Of course it is, majority of the population are immigrants from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. The city reflects the population with Chinese road signs, some businesses don't even have an English name.

Dim Sum at Fisherman's Terrance, Richmond, BC

Dim Sum at Fisherman's Terrance, Richmond, BC
Dim Sum at Fisherman's Terrance
Fisherman's Terrace Seafood 釣魚台海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

The selection of Asian restaurants are vast and I did my best to sample the best around. My aunt brought us to Aberdeen Centre which was the first Asian themed mall in Richmond and recently went through major renovations. At first I was culture shocked at the mall, instead of Macy's there is Daiso, instead of GameStop there is a Lamborghini dealership, and instead of a food court with Panda Express there is plethora of really good Asian fast food (even one where they make their own dumplings.) Speaking of Lamborghinis the streets in Richmond is littered with expensive cars and I personally saw 6 different Lambos during my week long visit. I can't spit my gum without hitting a Maserati, Mercedes or an Audi R8.

We began the day with dim sum at Fisherman's Terrance located in Aberdeen Centre, whereas there was a lot of natural light pouring through the windows but views of the parking lot. The selection of dim sum did not vary too much from San Francisco. The quality is very good especially the pea sprouts, bean curd and ginkgo nuts dish.

After dim sum we walked the mall for some Hong Kong style fashion where I stumbled upon a pearl encrusted pair of flat shoes which was very Lolita style. A hop and a skip to Rome Station where they sell luxury consignment purses. I fell in love with a metallic gold Speedy which was only used once before the owner deemed it too passe. I later browsed Cube Inc which is a store where they rent out locker size cubes for people to sell handmade items. I bought a 3D size Hello Kitty iPhone case (very a la Judith Leiber.)

Shaved Snow @ Aberdeen Mall, Richmond, BC

Shaved Snow @ Aberdeen Mall, Richmond, BC
Lychee and Mango Shaved Ice with mochi, red beans, peanuts, ice cream, condensed milk toppings at Frappe Bliss
Frappe Bliss (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon

We stopped at the food court for Taiwanese shaved ice but not before we snacked on 5 spice chicken wings and offal assortment noodles. The shaved ice was insanely good at Frappe Bliss. They use flavored ice blocks and shave it into silky fluffy snow consistency whereas others do a snow cone rendition with chunky ice and syrup poured on top. Even other places who have flavored ice blocks do not match up to Frappe Bliss. It must be the toppings - fluffy soft mochi, dainty red beans, fruits and ice cream.

Singapore Jerky @ Aberdeen Mall, Richmond, BC
Flipping Jerky at Aberdeen Mall

Parker Place mall only a few blocks away has a hustling and bustling food court where some may even say the best Asian food court. My object of desire was Parker Place's roast pork. For years, the quality of roast pork in San Francisco has slipped. Roast pork was once a staple when visiting a Chinese deli but now I avoid it at all cost. However, Parker Place brought me back to delicious crunchy roast pork bliss. This is how roast pork should be - crackly, bubbly, crunchy skin with just a slight layer of fat with flavorful juicy tender meat. One bite should be a like a BLT with different layers and textures working together.

Parker Place BBQ - Famous and delicious Roast Pork
Fantastic and Famous Roast Pork at Parker Place BBQ deli
Parker Place Meat & BBQ on Urbanspoon

Park Place mall has my favorite Asian dessert: Turtle jelly aka Guilinggoa . Traditionally the jelly is boil down from a rare endangered tortoise shell for the nutrients (don't worry I don't condemn the killing of endangered animals.) Turtle essence jelly now use herbs similar to the benefits of turtle shell. The jelly is bitter and only slightly sweeten with simple syrup or honey. The herbal tea shop also had 28 flavor herbal drink (upped from the usual 24 廿四味 ) the drink is dark, thick, rich in bitterness and truly makes the sinus and body feel "cooling" after. Amazing stuff. It really reminds me to make more herbal tea at home.

Turtle jelly, Guīlínggāo. Richmond, BC
Turtle Essence Jelly and 28 Flavor Herbal Tea

Pearl Castle, RIchmond, BC

Last stop is Excellent Tofu and Snacks (ETS). My mom told me not to miss this place, she said one year when she was in Richmond she visited ETS every night for 7 days straight. With such praise from mom I couldn't miss this spot. ETS decor is bare minimum with a bar stretched from beginning to end. Everything on the menu is tofu related so I'm in tofu heaven (my favorite kind.) There are cold and hot desserts, soy milk, tofu shakes and savory snacks. Since I had limited stomach space I ordered my favorite type of topping - taro, and we also ordered red bean. The tofu is silky, soft, slippery and fresh. There was a steady stream of housewives buying gallons of soy milk and soft tofu to bring home.

Red Bean Tofu dessert. Excellent Tofu, Richmond, BC
Red Bean Tofu Dessert
Taro Tofu dessert. Excellent Tofu, Richmond, BC
Fresh Taro Tofu Dessert
Excellent Tofu & Snack 好好豆品專門店 on Urbanspoon

This concludes a portion of my Richmond eats. I will return to post more about a fun filled night at the Richmond Night Market, a couple of visits to No. 9 Restaurant (because they are 24 hours!), gorging myself with baskets of Kam Do's wife, taro, and thousand year old egg cakes, best clay pot rice from a food court, Cattle Cafe and more. Let's just say Richmond, BC is an Asian paradise in North America.


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