Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies & Chocolate Bark with Bay Area Bloggers

Valentine's - Heart Sugar Cookies and chocolate bark

After meeting Gina of Spcookie Queen and Visda of Eat, Drink, and just Be! at the Foodbuzz Bakerella event I really made some great blogger friends. Through Gina, I met Patty of Patty's Foods. Patty graciously hosted a Valentine's Day baking party at her home.

Valentine's Baking with Bloggers

Valentine's Baking with bloggers

We began the afternoon with some appetizers, wine, and light talk about our favorite subjects - food, photography, and blogging. Patty made a festive heart shaped Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese Apple Quiche, Lisa of Authentic Suburban Gourmet made Stilton and Walnut Palmiers, Stephanie of Baking Barrister made Leek confit with crostini, Gina made Meyer lemon bread with blood orange jam and I made firecracker shrimp rolls.

Valentine's Baking - Heart Sugar cookies and chocolate bark
Behind the scenes

We all chipped in to bake and decorate the cookies. Gina's daughter was there showing off some of her decorating skills she got from mama. While we were crouching over the kitchen island pipping icing with artistic flair like Jackson Pollock. Gina was tempering dark and milk chocolate to make our Valentine's chocolate bark. Like an expert cement mixer, she poured the chocolate on a baking sheet and we flung heart sprinkles, color sugar, and sugar pearls over the chocolate. The best part was when the chocolate bark was set, all 12 of our hands broke the chocolate sheet like a karate black belt breaking through a cement block.

Valentine's photo set up with bloggers
Our photo setup

What is a blogger's baking event without a photo shoot. Patty had her Lowel Ego light set up on her table and we went to town. We styled the finished goods and each took a turn to snap away. Everyone was prepared and bought their dslr camera while I had my niffy iPhone. (Gina and Lisa even brought their own aprons! I bet they carry some sort of MacGyver measuring spoons on them too.)

I had such a wonderful and fun time with everyone. I can't wait for the next baking event.

Read Gina's version.
Read Lisa's version.
Read Patty's version.

Here's the recipe to Gina's Sugar Cookies.

Valentine's baking
Valentine's Day Chocolate Bark
Valentine's Heart Sugar Cookies


Pacheco Patty said...

Bonni, you are so sweet, I would love to have you baking with me in my kitchen anytime! No worries about the wine glass, lol! Great picture with your iPhone, hey who needs a camera? Look forward to seeing you this Friday for more good food and conversation;-) you really got some nice pictures!

Lisa {Authentic Suburban Gourmet } said...

Great post Bonnie! It was wonderful to meet you and I love your iphone case - super cute! I agree that it was wonderful to just talk about food, blogging and photography - some of my favorite subjects. Look forward to the next adventure. Have a great week!!

Gina said...

Shhh, it's a secret about my MacGyver spoons, lol. Your pics turned out great, maybe next time you can help me take better photos with my phone. I can't wait for Friday, can you believe I'm hungry again already. Hope your week is going good.

Chic & Gorgeous Treats said...

Hi Bonnie dear! Gosh.. I'm so jealous. What great fun and Gina was there too. The cookies are so cute. Unfortunately I have no luck in the dating dept. but it's sure not going to stop me from making something with LOVE. Lol.. Gong Hei Fatt Choy too and missing you ladies to bits. To end..great photos. I loved the colours and perfect bright sunny day. Take care now!! Huggggssss

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