Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grand Dinner at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC

Dongpo style Pork at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Shanghai Style Layer Pork (Dongpo)

Our last night in Vancouver was a banquet feast at Shiang Garden. Their famous Shanghai style layer pork dish (Dongpo) won the 2011 and 2012 Chinese Restaurant Awards in the Alberta Pork category. The Dongpo dish and their desserts really blew me away. Living in San Francisco there are plethora of options in Chinese restaurants, a few good a lot bad; but the good choices in Richmond are ridiculous. I am glad my family picked Shiang Garden.

Appetizer at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Assorted Appetizer Plate

Shiang Garden is one of the fancier Chinese restaurants with high ceilings glittered with chandeliers, lots of windows with natural light, seat covers, pretty silk table cloths and attentive service. My aunt prearranged the menu and the dishes were fit for a wedding. We started with the cold appetizer plate with jelly fish, roasted pork, etc,. Every dish in their category was amped up, for example, the pea sprout was sauteed with dried scallops. The fish was cooked 2 ways, one in a clay pot and another served with shrimp paste as a dipping sauce.

Dried Scallops and pea sprouts at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Pea Sprouts and Dried Scallops
Fish 2 ways at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Fish 2 ways

The Dongpo pork in Amoy sauce was the star for me. The pork belly is cooked for hours where the fat from the skin disappoints and become very soft. The meat is very tender and soft but still intact, the entire thing melts in your mouth. The dish is served with steamed mustard greens, fluffy buns, and the sauce is thicken with cornstarch. Reminisce of the pork belly in a bun fad of Momofuko. Dongpo pork will change the way you think about stewed pork belly.

Dongpo style Pork at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Shanghai Style Layer Pork (Dongpo)
Lobster at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Scallion and Ginger Lobster
Dried Scallop, asaparagus fried rice at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Egg White and Scallop Fried Rice

The desserts were really a wow factor because so many times it is an overlooked part of a banquet meal. We had two and started with the almond milk with tang yuan (glutinous rice dumplings.) The server told us they make their own almond milk which was lightly sweetened and served with the most bouncy and "pulley" dough on a tang yuan I've ever sunk my teeth into.

Tang Yuan and almond milk at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC

Baked Custard with Taro and Sago at Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC

The next dessert was my favorite and I had to have seconds. The dessert was baked like a souffle with fork tender taro and sago for texture. Amazing. I am trying to replicate the dessert at home.

My mouth is already saliving for the Dongpo Pork when I visit in the summer.

Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC

Shiang Garden. Richmond, BC
Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant 敘香園海鮮酒樓 on Urbanspoon


Lolia S said...

Award winning pork...drool!


visda said...

Wow! your BC posts are so mouth watering. One more than the one before. I miss all kinds of Asian food here. There are some Restaurants but the quality is not comparable to the West Coast, especially your experiences in Vancouver. I'm totally hungry now after reading this post. Miss eating with you guys but finally have internet to check out my favorite blogs and eat with my eyes.:-) xoxo.

foodhoe said...

looks like a gorgeous spot with food to match! I haven't been to Richmond BC before, will put it on my list for sure.

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