Monday, September 17, 2012

Many Favorites at Redd - Yountville, CA

Crispy Chicken - Redd, Yountville, CA 
The crispiest chicken skin 

Redd is my staple when I visit wine country. One attraction at Redd is their dog friendly outdoor seating area. Redd is located in the quaint, cozy, yet bustling neighborhood anchored by the Thomas Keller empire; Redd's interior reflects the cozy, brightness of Yountville. If I had to style Redd into fashion, she is like Calvin Klein always perfect in the simple classic form - T-shirt and jeans. I've brought friends, family, dogs, and dates to Redd because "nothing comes between me and..." Redd.

Pork belly buns. Chicken. Arancini risotto and lamb ragu. 

For me, the other attractions at Redd- the trio foie gras plate (pre-foie gras ban), excellent service and the crispiest chicken. Ever.

My favorite dish of all time and the many times I ordered it - Trio foie gras

Richard Reddington has a way of perfecting crunchy and crispy. The dishes we always order are the scallops and chicken. I don't  usually like ordering chicken because it can be dry but Redd's chicken skin is so crispy it borderlines chicharron and the meat is flavorful and juicy. The chicken dish is usually served with liver mousse - perfection.

Seared scallops - Redd, Yountville, CA
Another favorite and always with a fantastic seared color - Scallops

Duck confit and lentils. Prosciutto arugula flatbread. 
Hamachi tartare and fried rice. Seared scallops

In the blog post I included pictures of my multiple visits which also includes desserts of Pastry Chef Nicole Plue before she won the James Beard award for Best Pastry Chef and left to Cyrus to showcase her pastry skills in a tasting menu format. Redd always has my favorites on the menu but the rest of the menu also has something new and in-season. I order my favorites and venture to try different dishes every time.

If I ever tear myself away from dining at Redd when I am in Yountville I want to try their sister restaurant Redwood.

Nicole Plue's dessert - Peanut butter  milk chocolate gianduja, peanut honeycomb parfait and Peach.
Huckleberry and Goat Sorbet

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