Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snacking in New York City

My best friend and I travel very well together. We did a spread sheet for our short 4 day trip to New York City and scheduled our trip around places to eat, shop, and sight see. I think we accomplished a lot in a few days which included some major dinner meals at Eleven Madison Park, Minetta Tavern, Soto, and Torrisi. Not to mention we were able to attend a roof top bar, a beer garden, a club and so much shopping at Soho, 5th avenue, Meatpacking district, Eataly and Chelsea Market. Thus, here is a photo essay with captions of places we stopped in between our shopping, sightseeing, and dinner meals...

9th street espresso. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Cereal soft serve and crack pie at Milk.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream - I thought there would be a variety of ice cream flavors but it was soft serve with toppings. We choose a coconut one and an original soft serve dipped in a chocolate shell.
  • Milk bar - Who hasn't hear about David Chang on blogs, TV, and traditional media outlets. I finally got to try the fame cereal soft serve which was fantastic and ingenious. I brought home the crack pie and cookies. They were devoured quickly, the crack pie is reminisce of a Vietnamese dessert. I will take a crack at making the Crack Pie for Thanksgiving. Momofuku Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

Shake Shack
Shake Shack

  • Shake Shack - The fast food burger world always pits Five Guys vs In-n-Out vs Shake Shack in the battle ring. I think each belongs in their own category of deliciousness. After walking the HighLine we stopped at one of the many Shake Shack locations. Our NY native friend schooled us about Pat LaFrieda meat company and Shake Shack's meat own blend. (Pat LaFrieda supplies to Minetta Tavern's Black label burger too.) Shack's burger was simply divine with the potato bun and meat juice dripping onto my hands. We didn't miss Ted Drewes concrete either, a introduction before I actually get to visit St. Louis. Shake Shack on Urbanspoon
Breakfast at Pastis. Sangria and Uni Panini at El Quinto Pino.

  • Pastis - After our red eye flight, our first meal was at Pastis which was fun place to people watch and eat Balthazar's bread. 
  • El Quinto Pino - Our NY native friend penciled this place in our spread sheet because of the uni panini. After a stroll in the neighborhood, we stopped for a pitcher of Sangria and snack. The uni sandwich is about $15 but very light on the uni. El Quinto Pino on Urbanspoon
Crepe Cake at Lady M, NYC
Lady M's crepe cake

  • Lady M - After shopping along 5th ave we stopped for afternoon tea at Lady M. The minimalist bakery was tiny with just as tiny tables. We ordered the mille-feuille and crepe cake. The crepe cake stands up to hype. - soft, creamy, bouncy, light, fluffy, and custardy - what clouds are made of. Lady M Cake Boutique on Urbanspoon
Laudree. Kougin Amann at Dominque Ansel. Sweet Revenge. Rich to Riches.

  • Laudree - The only outpost in America so the lines were long. I grabbed a couple of dozens of macarons and jams to bring home. Situated next to the Celine store where I window shopped a 20K+ bag and across the street was the Louboutin store where there was a line to go into shop! 
  • The kougin amann at Dominque Ansel was a dynamite surprise. The "croissant on steroid" was sticky and buttery. 
  • Sweet Revenge - Since we arrived early for our dinner reservation at Minetta Tavern, we grabbed a drink at Sweet Revenge. A cupcake place where they are paired with beers. 
Margarita at Artichoke Basilles Pizza, NYC
Margarita Pizza

  • After unsuccessfully trying to get a seat at a few speakeasy bars we went to Pegu for cocktails. Our native NY friend told us it was one of the first places to make specialized cocktails. After our nightcaps, our friend brought us to Artichoke Basilles, he said it is one of the best pizza margaritas in New York City. The crust was thin and crispy with fresh tasting ingredients. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza on Urbanspoon
Doughnut Plant, NYC
Doughnut Plant

  • Doughnut Plant - I couldn't wait to try the creme brulee donut and it was indeed excellent. The sweet custard housed in a donut and a torched sugar crust just like the dessert. The other donuts were not as memorable and since we came in the early evening the donuts were not very fresh. Doughnut Plant on Urbanspoon


foodhoe said...

Looks like a totally delicious time, this included dinner at Eleven Madison Park too? So many delicious looking bites....

I Just Want To Eat! said...

Great post. I love the doughnut plant: they have fabulous donuts. My favorites are the tres leches and the banana cream one. One time, they had a marzipan one that was amazing! Best donuts in town!

Lolia S said...

Awww no fro-yo but the desserts still look amazing...FYG

Bonnibella said...

@foodhoe yes went to Eleven Madison Park, twas a great experience.

@I Just Want To Eat! Thanks for stopping by. I wish I had more stomach room to try more but 4 was the limit. Marizpan sounds like a unique donut combo.

@Lolia I know, wish I walked past fro-yo shops but surprising I didn't

Kim Bee said...

Oh man, I want to come snacking with you. Fabulous.

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