Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spent a Day using the OrderAhead App


I was invited to use the OrderAhead App to experience what the company has to offer. OrderAhead is about simply clicking on the app, choose a restaurant, click on the dish, and the food will be hot and ready when I arrive.  Basically, OrderAhead is reinventing the ordering experience to be easy, fast, and convenient; and as a frequent diner I was delighted to try it out.

The stars aligned and I did not have to work the same day the San Francisco Giant's had the ticker parade to celebrate the World Series win. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to use the OrderAhead and it merged seamlessly into my day.

My friends and I dressed in black and orange and began the day maneuvering around crowds, tiptoeing for a better glimpse at the baseball players, and holding in my hunger pangs as the afternoon closed in. When the parade was over, we squished our way through thousands of fans I whipped out my phone and opened the OrderAhead app. I decided on a lobster club at Prime Dip and I was ready to pick up the food in 15 mins.

Lobster roll at Prime Dip via OrderAhead App
Lobster Club

My lobster club was extra special and delicious after a morning of excitement and laughing with baseball fans. The best part was not having to wait to get to the destination, decide on my order, and wait for my food.

We spent the rest of the day shopping in downtown, sipping coffee in Union Square while people watching. After a long day, I wanted to go home for dinner and hang out with my dog. Again, I quickly whipped out my app and order dinner from Marlowe which is a stone's throw away from downtown.

Marlowe take-out via OrderAhead App
Gourmet take-out dinner from Marlowe

When I arrived at Marlowe, the joint was hopping and I saw several guest wait over 30 mins for a table. I just walked by them and picked up my food and was on my way home. I had bone marrow (my favorite), baked oysters, beef tartare, and a burger. I was chowing on gourmet food watching Louie on DVR and my dog nozzle by my feet.  I would say it was perfect ending to an exhilarating day!

I want you to try the OrderAhead app and experience what I did. For my readers on Chrysanthemum use promo code OA4BC and receive a $5 dining credit when you sign up. The promo code is case sensitive and expires in two weeks 12/10/12. (So do it quick!) Why spend any more time needed to order food when life is about enjoying food like this...



sandy said...

looks like a fun delicious way to spend the day! I got the order ahead hook up too, but haven't been able to check it out :(. So jealous you got the lobstah sandwich, it looks fantastic!

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