Monday, November 19, 2012

Thorny Rose Wine Launch Party at the Mission Bowling Club

Thorny Rose Wine launch event at Mission Bowling Club, SF 11/15/12

Thorny Rose Wine launch event at Mission Bowling Club, SF 11/15/12
Strike it Baby! 

I was invited to the Thorny Rose Wine launch on November 15, 2012 held at The Mission Bowling Club. I was beyond ecstatic because I've been wanting to go to The Mission Bowling Club for dinner and do a little Fred Flintstone's twinkle toes. Thorny Rose promised a night of bowling, jenga, food, Creme Brulee cart, and, of course, Thorny Rose's wine.

We were welcomed in the very dapper remodeled warehouse turned restaurant and bowling alley. I began the night with a glass of the Cabernet Sauvignon which was full bodied, round, and with berry notes. We immediately signed up to bowl and the night really began to take off - the crowd was active and buzzing with energy. The kitchen was pumping out bites of their famous burger, fried chicken, crispy fries with cheese, beet crostini, and I was fluctuating between gutter balls and strikes.

Thorny Rose Wine launch event at Mission Bowling Club, SF 11/15/12
Creme brulee and Jenga

After completing our ten frames, we went upstairs for dessert at the Creme brulee cart. The creme brulee cart really speaks San Francisco, one of the pioneers using social media and the beginning of the street food frenzy. The sweet creme brulee lady (no pun intended) whipped out the torch to caramelize the crust and with a tap of my spoon I was in vanilla custard heaven.

Thorny Rose Wine launch event at Mission Bowling Club, SF 11/15/12
Instagram time!
Thorny Rose Wine diy bracelet goodies
DIY bracelet charms at Thorny Rose

I ended the night with making my own arm candy (aka bracelets) and my date played jenga. There was also a station to print out photos that are uploaded onto instagram when tagged with #FeelingThorny or #MissionBowling -- such a cool and interactive concept.

"Thorny Rose; noun, a metaphor for life. With modern packaging, approachable positioning and bright-fruit, refreshing, medium-bodied style, Thorny Rose encourages you to enjoy wine drinking on your own terms"
Thorny Rose's launch party really embodies all of these characteristics, the wine really shone at the party. I had a fabulous time showing off my horrible bowling skills, nibbling on bites, sipping on some reds and whites, and adding more arm candy to my collection.

By the way, my favorite of the four wine varities was the Sauvignon Blanc, it was crisp, clean, with apple bites. I think I will serve Thorny Rose Sauvignon Blanc with green tea creme brulee at my next dinner party.


The Duo Dishes said...

Missed out on this one, but it looks like a blast! Must check out the bowling alley too.

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