Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Care Package for Law Students

Christmas care package

My college best friend is currently in the Midwest with her other half studying for their law degree. I caught the traveling bug due to them. We've traveled to several big cities together and my most memorable time was when I stayed in Washington D.C. for a week. She interned at a newspaper publication and I got a chance to tour the area. I tried Ethiopian food for the first time (which i immediately loved) and took in the National Mall sights.

Anyways, it's finals and Christmas season and since I was baking cookies I thought it would be nice to send a care package. I looked around for ideas to send in a care package so here is my list:

  • Homemade cookies
  • Snowman cups (because I was afraid a mug might break) to fill...
  • Starbucks VIA coffee and Peppermint mocha
  • Various teas like chamomile
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Chocolate covered coffee beans
  • Lizano sauce (from my trip to Costa Rica, a great condiment for rice and beans)
  • Pumpkin flavored Hershey's kisses
  • Chocolate Santa
  • Instant Chinese milk tea
  • A small nutcracker ornament 
  • Reindeer antlers for his and her
I think the best part was wrapping the interior of the box and I trimmed the edges with candy cane garland. It makes the care package a little more festive without looking too blah. I got a happy phone call from the couple when the package arrived.

Christmas care package

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bacon Banana Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Bacon banana reese's peanut butter cup cookies

When I first met Oz many years ago. He often raved about his mom's banana bread. She lives in another state and will send him loafs of banana bread for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

I decided to combine Oz's favorites in cookie form - banana bread and reese's pieces (I added bacon bits for my own pleasure.) He loves his mom's banana bread because it is very moist, not too sweet, and san nuts.

I baked these cookies for the 2nd annual Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spent a Day using the OrderAhead App


I was invited to use the OrderAhead App to experience what the company has to offer. OrderAhead is about simply clicking on the app, choose a restaurant, click on the dish, and the food will be hot and ready when I arrive.  Basically, OrderAhead is reinventing the ordering experience to be easy, fast, and convenient; and as a frequent diner I was delighted to try it out.

The stars aligned and I did not have to work the same day the San Francisco Giant's had the ticker parade to celebrate the World Series win. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to use the OrderAhead and it merged seamlessly into my day.

My friends and I dressed in black and orange and began the day maneuvering around crowds, tiptoeing for a better glimpse at the baseball players, and holding in my hunger pangs as the afternoon closed in. When the parade was over, we squished our way through thousands of fans I whipped out my phone and opened the OrderAhead app. I decided on a lobster club at Prime Dip and I was ready to pick up the food in 15 mins.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thorny Rose Wine Launch Party at the Mission Bowling Club

Thorny Rose Wine launch event at Mission Bowling Club, SF 11/15/12

Thorny Rose Wine launch event at Mission Bowling Club, SF 11/15/12
Strike it Baby! 

I was invited to the Thorny Rose Wine launch on November 15, 2012 held at The Mission Bowling Club. I was beyond ecstatic because I've been wanting to go to The Mission Bowling Club for dinner and do a little Fred Flintstone's twinkle toes. Thorny Rose promised a night of bowling, jenga, food, Creme Brulee cart, and, of course, Thorny Rose's wine.

We were welcomed in the very dapper remodeled warehouse turned restaurant and bowling alley. I began the night with a glass of the Cabernet Sauvignon which was full bodied, round, and with berry notes. We immediately signed up to bowl and the night really began to take off - the crowd was active and buzzing with energy. The kitchen was pumping out bites of their famous burger, fried chicken, crispy fries with cheese, beet crostini, and I was fluctuating between gutter balls and strikes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brunches in New York City - Locanda Verde and Marea

Breakfast pastries at Locanda Verde, NYC
Pastries of the day

We arrived Saturday early afternoon in Tribeca where there was a street fair. We manuvered our way pass children in makeup walking on stilts, a big red firetruck with firemen in their suits, and kids running around with their face painted. What a great way to start off the day.

After feeling like we got caught in a New York moment movie (such as You've Got Mail) we stepped our way into Locanda Verde.

The restaurant outfitted in many big windows the natural light was flowing like a waterfall. We quickly ordered the breakfast pastry plate. I was told not to miss Chef Karen DeMasco's baking, the plate had a muffin, donut, and a crumb cake.

Sheep Ricotta with honey at Locanda Verde, NYC
Sheep's Milk Ricotta

Another not to miss item was the Sheep's Milk Ricotta served with truffle honey and brunt orange toast.  The ricotta was light, sweet, fluffy, and then the contrast with the very crunchy toast, and lastly with the flavor explosion of the orange scent and slightly smokiness from the truffle honey.  Yes, it was a not to be missed dish.
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