About Me

My English professor said I have very strong, fun and intriguing ideas but the way I express myself is fragmented. Maybe it is because my mind races faster than my fingers when I type or maybe I proof read like a nitwit. The best advice by my English professor is to read as much as possible, which I do.

I like to say I'm an eternal optimistic Bella girl but I like to pepper it with sarcasm and my style of funny. I'm not a professional writer, so there will be grammatical mistakes. 

Food is one of the main themes because I associate it with so many memories - family gatherings, relaxing at a coffee shop, celebrations, happiness, sadness, and love. 

I grew up in the kitchen with my mom who cooked dinner every night. We went to Chinese school in Chinatown so she was on Stockton street picking up fresh produce of the day. I distinctively remember when she taught me how to peel and chop garlic. I used the flat part of my knife, press down on the garlic clove and like magic the skin peeled off.  That was the moment I began my affection for cooking. 

I also travel to eat, hopefully checking off my bucket list of new Cities/States/Countries during my lifetime. 

Jeune Fille Vert by Tamara De Lempicka is one of my favorite paintings. She paints in the art deco format which probably explains why I also love Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection. If I was forever plastered on to canvas I would want to look like Jeune Fille Vert.
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